Deja Sodding Vu

By: Robert Reed | May 19th, 2013

groundhog-coloring-pagesI really cannot be arsed to repeat myself. I see little point in writing the exact same article again so I’ll simply supply a link to the old one as it is clearly a ‘one size fits all’ point of view for any given season. No doubt I’ll be able to use it again next year.

Levy’s Catastrophic Blind Spot

Some of the opinions in the comments section haven’t aged so well though, sadly. I particularly enjoyed the insightful ‘Cavani is no better than what we have!’

Best ever points tally this season? Great. Pity AVB wasn’t given the tools to finish the job.

Let us see who we can attract now with the awe inspiring prospect of another Europa League run. In January I was told that it was ‘easy for me to spend someone else’s money’. Well, I would disagree. If that were the case myself and many enlightened others would have done just that in January and now be handing back to ENIC a lucrative Champions League run in return.

If I read one comment about being ‘proud in defeat’ from one of the sad minority who are relieved they haven’t had to leave their comfort zone of mediocrity, I’ll burst a blood vessel somewhere in my face. Therefore, no comments.

Happy Groundhog Day.

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